– Strategy    –Design

Zoomobile brings educational animals and lessons to schools, libraries and public spaces in the Kansas City area via an adorable van. They came to us wanting to increase bookings and awareness among schools in certain counties. After market research, consumer discovery and brand alignment, we developed a strategy that lets Zoomobile to communicate its brand effectively and increase both awareness and bookings. 


– Creation  – Strategy  – Design

Bloody Hell is an ongoing project started by a friend and me. She came to me after looking for some resources regarding a health issue she was having. We realized there are some resources for women’s health, but none that are really human or relatable. None that gave a sense of “girl, I’ve been through this too.” After some topic research and logistics management, we decided to record a podcast. We are still in the beginning stages, but it’s a fun project.


Website design, communications, branding, graphic design, start up strategy, social media, google ads


– Strategy  – Business  – Design

Prime TMS is a Deep TMS clinic in Lawrence, Kansas. Deep TMS is a specialized depression treatment that is effective and doesn’t have significant side effects, but can be difficult for people to access. I was approached by an acquaintance to help Prime TMS start up. I performed market research that informed the business plan, business strategy and marketing strategy. I developed a marketing plan, website and other brand assets that Prime TMS will use to launch and build a community presence, as well as acquire patients. 


– Creation  – Strategy  – Design

I was hired to consult for a team working with Kaleidoscope, a space that provides tools and materials for kids to create with their hands. Kaleidoscope’s goal was to increase the attendance of middle schoolers. The team was having trouble creating an online experience that reflected the brand and added value for the consumer. They also knew they needed a new brand look, but didn’t know where to begin. After some research, I designed a logo that fit their criteria of “fun and playful but relates to the Hallmark brand” and mocked-up an online experience that reflected the brand and added value for the consumer.